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We Are Imperial Strong

Our Mission

At National Imperial Miss is to inspire every young girl and woman to become their personal best version of themselves! Your experience at National Imperial Miss will be just that - Imperial!


Our mission is to provide a pageantry forum with the opportunity for every individual to actively participate with their family, friends and other valued relationships in creating an experience that is fun, joyful and fulfilled with magical moments. To insure each delegate has the right combination of support and opportunity to flourish their own individual potential.


National Imperial Miss is more than a title,

it's a community, a sisterhood!

National Director

Jacquine Hewell

National Platform

For far to long failure has been distinguished as a negative, at National Imperial Miss we have renovated the impact of failure into a positive contribution! Introducing to you our national platform, F.A.I.L™, where our focus is on Forever Acquiring Important Lessons. We recognize that each of our delegates have contributed to their own social initiatives helping to obtain changing in all aspect of life lessons. Young girls and women each day make a significant difference in people’s lives through their community service and charitable endeavors, using their platform to educate millions of Americans on issues in our nation.

With our nationals platform you will flourish!

We can not wait to welcome you to the sisterhood at National Imperial Miss ™!



Dearly Southern Miss and National Imperial Miss are honored to become a President’s Volunteer Service Award Certifying Organization.


As a certifying organization, we are proud to be able to recognize our most outstanding volunteers for the impact they make, working tirelessly using their time and skills, to overcome some of the toughest challenges facing their communities, and our nation.


To qualify: volunteer service must be unpaid acts of service benefitting others, completed within a 12 month period, volunteers must be 5 years or older and a US Citizen.


Find more detailed information: The President’s Volunteer Service Award


National Sponsors