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Local Competition FAQ's

We are mostly a natural pageant system, we do have things we allow and do not allow, there are no specific requirements on certain dresses or certain rules on makeup, we just prefer our contestants to be as natural as possible and look age appropriate. Flippers are not allowed. Hairpieces & Lashes are allowed. Tans are allowed (keep it natural looking)!

Please note: stage lighting will make a difference when you present onstage. 

Beauty:Beauty is formal wear, we do not have specifics of short or long dress. Please keep this age appropriate. We want you to wear what you are comfortable wearing and can present on stage. Glitz dresses, Pageant dress, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, etc., are all acceptable.

OOC (Outfit of Choice):This is considered your fun fashion wear, an outfit that represents you and may correlate with a theme if we have given one during registration. It can be an outfit you would wear to school, costume, something you see as FUN!

Interview:Lighter and Brighter hues are the way to go in interview, think about projecting your personality while staying age appropriate. Dresses and jumpsuits are acceptable for interview. Your attire and the way you present yourself will be the judge's first impression of you. We do hold interviews sitting and standing, make sure your attire will allow you to accommodate either of these situations. 

Swimwear:One piece or bikini, however your swimsuit should not reveal too much skin if it’s a bikini. Please be age appropriate. No thong bikinis allowed.

Fitness Wear:This category will be geared toward what you would wear to work-out in, sports bra, biker shorts, or even a long sleeve compression shirt and slim yoga pants, this will be based on your comfort level and what you feel confident in wearing to show your physique to the judges.

Photogenic is a photo contest that portrays the facial features of our contestants and how well they photograph. Judges look for many things in this optional. Head shots showcase contestants better in this competition. Photos can be submitted in color or black and white. We recommend at-least a 8 x 10 but nothing smaller than a 5 x 7 in size.

Contestants routine should stay within 90 seconds or less, music is provided unless we give contestants the option to supply their own. Details will be in the paperwork if music is optional.

We do have registration fees, this will be found in the paperwork provided for the specific pageant. Deposits must be paid in order for us to hold the contestants spot in line-up. Details on the remaining registration fee dues will also be found in the paperwork. 

Door Entry fees must be paid before or at the door upon entry for all attendees other than the contestant between the ages of 3 and up. Fees will also be listed within the paperwork for the pageant.

We keep our stage in a front T layout for local and state pageants. We will have a backwards T layout for National pageants.

*Please see photo for front T shape example.

Local Level:

We do provide score sheets with numerical scores and judges feedback, these can be picked up at the registration desk at the end of crowning each division breakdown.

State & National FAQ's

The evening gown should be floor length for all divisions, age-appropriate, and should reflect the delegate's personal style and compliment their personality. Mini, Little, and Princess divisions may not have strapless style gowns or be two- pieces.

Delegates will flaunt their sense of style while modeling a fashion-forward attire of their choice. Outfits should show creativity and imagination and showcase their personality and their personal sense of fashion.

Each delegate will compete in a 5 minute press-style conference interview. Judges will see how the delegates handle themselves in the spotlight under pressure. Delegates may choose to wear an interview suit, jumpsuit, or business dress of their choice.

The Top 5 in each division of the Princess thru Legacy competition will participate in a final onstage question that will account for 10% of her final score. Each delegate will be given 30 seconds to answer the question at random. Questions will not be political or religious.

This fun and upbeat competition is your time to shine! Delegates should choose a casual wear outfit that suits their personality and sense of style.

Put your best face forward! Photos submitted may be either color or b&w and must be 8x10. Photos can be either professional or nonprofessional. Please have photos in sheet or photo protectors and have your name and division on each photo submitted. More than one entry is allowed, submission is during registration.

A delegate will submit a collection of 7-10 photos in a portfolio that showcases multiple looks. Photos should be 8x10 and can be either color or b&w. There must be a minimum of one full-body shot and one headshot in the collection. Portfolio's must-have contestant's name and division upon submission.

Jr. Princess & Princess:

Makeup for Interview Competition not allowed

Age appropriate makeup for Stage Competitions

False eyelashes, Flippers, False teeth and midriffs showing are NOT allowed

May not have strapless style gowns or two pieces.


Light and natural makeup for Interview Competition

Age appropriate makeup for Stage Competitions

False eyelashes and natural hair extensions are allowed

Jr. Teen, Teen, Miss, Ms., Legacy:

Age appropriate makeup for Interview and Stage Competitions

False eyelashes and natural hair extensions are allowed

State Level: Check with the state director of your state pageant.

National Level: Judges score sheets with comments only are released via email to each delegate via the email address on file within three weeks of the last event date.